A ticket out of GCP’s BeyondCorp Confusion Purgatory


And the lessons they taught me about life.

My experience and how I did it


The Certification List

  • GCP Professional Network Engineer
  • GCP Professional Security Engineer
  • GCP Professional Data Engineer
  • GCP Professional Cloud Developer
  • GCP Professional DevOps Engineer
  • GCP Professional Collaboration Engineer

Why do so many in such a short time?

One of my Forrest Gump Streaks

And why I will use Signal exclusively from now on


Hustling friends into Signal

Never buy mediocre eggs again!


Spotting great quality eggs is fairly easy

Some things I found confusing or did not like about Vault

Four things you can do to minimise yak shaving

Look for a person, not an ideal.

When deluding yourself can be a good thing…


How a culture of “espabilados” can ruin a country


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