Getting 6 GCP certifications in 3 weeks

My experience and how I did it

The Certification List

Why do so many in such a short time?

One of my Forrest Gump Streaks

My Employer’s Generous Training Budget

Feeling Competitive

Love GCP

Can anyone do what I did?

Timeline of the exams

GCP Network and GCP Security

GCP Data

GCP Developer and GCP DevOps

GCP Collaboration Engineer

The GCP Exam Experience

If I had to describe passing a GCP exam, I’d say rather than feeling elated, I felt more like I had just survived a car accident.

The Good Stuff About Getting GCP Certified


Curriculum Decorator

You are more Unique

You get free goodies (Swag)

The free bounty from 7 passed GCP certifications

The Not-So-Good about GCP Certifications

The Questions

The Wait for Google to Confirm your Results

Revising for the exams

How I did NOT study for the Certifications

How I studied for the certifications

I didn’t wait long to book the exam


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