What makes a great egg and what brands sell them in the UK?

Never buy mediocre eggs again!


I am a little obsessed with finding great quality eggs here in the UK so I wanted to keep a list for myself and share it with everyone on the best ones I could find. I will try to keep updating this post as I find more great egg brands.

Spotting great quality eggs is fairly easy

Great eggs have golden, intense dark orange yolks, the darker the yolk, generally speaking, the better the egg. A mediocre egg, on the other hand, has a pale yellow colour and the flavour is not as rich — this is the egg that most people are used to. There are some caveats to this of course, but generally speaking this is a very good indicator of eggs quality, that and the flavour of course!

There is a reason why most people are not used to this orange yolk eggs, and that’s unsurprisingly because they are more expensive; producing quality is not as cheap.

However not all expensive eggs are great eggs, which is what compelled me to write this post, because at least here in the UK, the vast majority of brands produces very sub-par eggs that I would not recommend.

Shame on organic Eggs

I have never had one organic egg here in the UK that I would qualify as a good quality egg — and I have tried many. Most of them veer more towards the pale yellow than towards the dark orange. So don’t always get overexcited whenever you buy organic products, organic doesn’t always mean better.

What brands in the UK you can buy that are assured to have that distinctive rich flavour and orange colour?

After trying dozens of brands here in the UK, these are the ones I would recommend the most (in no particular order):

Heritage Breeds

These are my favourite because they are more or less the same price as the others but bigger in size, with the same or even better yolk colour intensity and flavour.


Found mostly in M&S, but mostly in their bigger stores, which is a shame because all of the M&S branded eggs are in my opinion not very good, even the fancier packaged ones I tried, I was very disappointed.

Clarence Court

This brand is the most widely available, sometimes you can even find them in the smaller Tescos (if you are lucky) and hence it is one I buy the most.

St Ewe Eggs

I only tried this brand once, but I was impressed, I would buy them again if I could find them.

That’s it, these are the only brands I would recommend in the UK, but this doesn’t mean they are they only ones, I will keep updating this post as I find more. The annoying part is that these eggs are not always easy to find, even Clarence Court which are fairly widespread won’t be in all supermarkets.

Share your egg opinions!

How about you? Do you know of any brands in the UK or your country that qualify for this list? I know some countries will be better than others. In Japan for example they are obsessed with quality and willing to pay for it (I love it!) so I found when I was there that this type of egg was the norm and not the exception. In Galicia where I am from in Spain is also fairly easy to find these type of eggs. Would love to hear other people’s experiences with eggs in their country.

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